What is Polkadot Chocolate make Of ?

Polkadot Frosted Flakes Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate

What is Polkadot Chocolate make Of ?

PolkaDot Chocolate bars are a delightful creation inspired by the famous Polka Dance, also known as Magic Belgian Chocolate. These distinctively spotted mushroom chocolate bars offer a unique experience, combining the flavors of chocolate and shrooms that can add an adventurous touch to your day. However, the nature of these experiences largely depends on the dosage chosen by the consumer.

Like other mushroom chocolate bars, the primary ingredients in PolkaDot chocolate bars include psilocybin and chocolate. Spotted chocolate mushrooms are particularly favored among microdosing enthusiasts because the chocolate effectively masks the earthy flavor of the mushrooms, allowing you to savor each square at your own pace.

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